It’s a sad thing this thing I do
Every night sitted by the pool
See, am not sure what to do
Is there ever anything to do?
Just a hope that I’ll get the answer
Maybe by the next sunrise

You heard me right when I said go
And heard me twice but you wouldn’t go
Now I did it again and you are gone
It’s hard to know if am drowning
But it’s harder not knowing if you’ll save me

This love babe has been it
This love has really been the isht
Am curious babe, tell me how you did it
Coz a love so pure is all I needed
And you gave it so clean it’s hard to forget

I wasn’t sure, you said it was a choice
I didn’t know, you said you’d show me
I wanted it fast, you showed me perseverance
All you wanted was to be there through it all
The very things for a shallow moment, I forgot.

Many days I dream and want things
Other days I want different things
On the worst days I don’t know what I want
But you and I baby got something good
That i see even and through the worst of days.