I just called to talk
About how we should talk
About the things we’ve been talking about
Coz there can be no more talking
But this last talk we must have

I talked, you seemed to listen
I waited, I didn’t feel heard
I tried again to be sure and yet again
The more I talked the more I didn’t feel heard
So came a time and I stopped talking

So we had a talk where you talked
You said the clouds seemed heavy and dark
And your heart hollow and unknowing
And that you needed to know
The truth of my heart and mind

See, it’s crazy this thing you have with words
Sounding like you want to hear more
When you actually hear very little
Telling me to tell you things
While behaving like you know it all

What’s insane is I would have let you in
To the darkest and deepest places
Coz this heart trusted and wanted to believe
The mystery of shared understanding
If anything, you, me are done talking.