There is a story buried
That even I can’t find
It’s written in your eyes
In different shades of dirt
It’s a hard story to tell
As even you can’t tell
The tides that come and go
Are they there to find?

She was a beautiful woman
Of the rare kind
She could quiet the demons
And make it feel right
She was the one you yearned for
But couldn’t tell why
Amidst all that bliss
Something didn’t feel right

That job that meant something
Is now yours for take
They threw an office party
Cheers to the new big man
You sat at the high table
It was just high enough
But amidst all that bliss
Something didn’t feel right

You got that new car
That makes the Marys wild
And that enchanting house
That got Mukesh envious
Rumour has it now
That he wants a new house
It’s all you ever wanted
Yet something doesn’t feel right

The yearning in your eyes
What do you seek to find?
You’d pay in silk and gold
But you know they all lie
I hope you find it
And all that bliss with it
The story that’s untold
That even you can’t tell