All I just want, is for you to want to know

All the things that I really want for me

And to want them all for me

As much as I want them for me

For all you know, it’s all I need


Maybe am asking for too much

But when ever is it too little?

It probably only gets too, too much

But it’s all that I really ask

For all you know, it’s all I need


He was eager to live it out

All he wanted was to see it through

And all he needed was some motivation

But all he got was frustration

Then he just got mental


All she got standing for her was a dream

And a world of endless possibilities

You stood there thinking you could offer

But see, your money wasn’t the motivation

And neither was anything it could buy


So here is a bit of something

The dream needs to see the daylight

For every man needs to want something

But for every such man standing

Is the other man drowning him