She spoke of stories untold

Raging storms razing the calm

Wild fires that burnt to burn

Peace found beyond the doubts

Laughter no one knew about

Things history had no clue about

All for the happy life we hear about


Her words brought meaning untold

They spoke of things never heard of

Those that linger that we know about

Others that linger that we wish to tell

Her words searched deep into souls

And found what only souls knew

And by ear, souls were healed


Her words created essence untold

They resurrected depth and gravity

So much as to tell wishes that lingered

The kind we regret taking to our graves

The hidden desires, aches and pains

Told so well you could touch them all

And by feeling, hearts were healed


She made words that made life

From hers, the pieces came together

The things that tore at the brain

The things that made it hard to decide

All made deep, profound meaning

Harder choices were easy to make

And by thought, minds were healed


So it now goes down in history

That there was profound peace found

Beyond all the doubters’ doubts

That there was laughter found

That no one knew anything about

For all stories went told

And a happy life was found