There’s been more of everything

A little can’t hurt a pinch

This overflowing abundance

Maybe it’s time to give

Looks like it’s needed

Even in small doses it’s taken

No need to blow up the barn

The extras are theirs for take


I hear you’re a busy man

The endless hustle of more and more

The younger ones have an older one

Aaah yes, that caged trophy wife

Time is money you say

So now money over spare time

This spare that they know never is

So they take the spare that they borrow


He looked like he needed a penny

You could see he needed the penny

These pennies that you’re never short of

The very pennies that you hardly give

But behold it was a beautiful crowd

You liked being seen giving

So for the camera you would give

A name for a penny you could spare


He was the type that loved to love

A little way too much you’d say

So you spent every bit of it

For quick disposal after use

Just one of many beating hearts

Easy to find, easy to lose

You know they ain’t all perfect

You just don’t care if they try


They need what they can’t seem to get

A hunger that leads to desperation

Better little than nothing

I see them indulge in nothingness

The little that only spikes a fire

Deserving and yet starving

So much of everything to give

Toxic abundance that just won’t give