I had to find you only

To help me deal this deal

The one deal that should count for us

The only deal that counts for me

A long, unknowing search it was

Such rareness was hard to find

The mass would rather not deal

Can’t  beat them, can’t join them


Every crowd filled with laughter

Every tear hidden in laughter

These laughs about funny memes

These laughs about nothing real

Dare not say something real

Dare not for it’s not real

Many would rather not deal

Can’t beat them, can’t join them


These facades that now rule

They lie and that’s the rule

Rumour has it and it rules

They rumour to rule along

Telling lies to their faces

Spitting venom to their backs

I heard they have each others back

Can’t beat them, can’t join them


All moments sing admiration

All but those lurking within

Singing Nikki while snatching Nick

Singing Ferrari yet a green-eyed monster

So much for others happiness

So much when it warrants your pain

Folks selling soul for coal

Can’t beat them, can’t join them


It’s vain to have you for nothing

I want you here so we can deal

We could dare and rule from dealing

Our souls shining bare and true

Your happy flare given to be mine too

My sad affairs given as yours too

Behold this kind of rare is rare

We’ll beat them, not having joined them