When that curtain is drawn

With all else dimmed out

My heart craves meaning

That I shall have lived enough

All the sunrises woken up to

And all the sunsets that were

Every one breathe taken

I hope to have lived enough


Past that last full moon

I hope dawn breaks even

And the birds chirp away

For a soul that learned to live

That I shall have found meaning

In the life that was to be mine

And when all depth is probed

That that life shall have been mine


Upon the last handful of sand

And the last bunch of lilies

My soul shall freely be

Having known sanity with peace

While still my heart shall be still

Numb from pumping goodness

That for every beat that saw life

A spirit shall have been revived


As the termites have their way

And flawless means nothing

I hope to have flawlessly loved

Every love that was mine to keep

That all other love that got away

My light shall dominate

And beyond all stout walls

This life would have given meaning


It’s a yearning that knows hope

A wish that has heard of faith

For one time it will be time

Tick-tock and it all stands

It is that we are all born

It is not just for the end

Every second of it I yearn

That I shall have lived enough