Been away for a while

A few road patches

But fine alright

Thought huh, my knowing

Oh true, and my not knowing

Got me on a peddle stone

Maybe finally a better place

A place I could call home


While away, I wandered

Along deep empty streams

Praying for the unknown

Perhaps hoping to find mine

That will quench this undying thirst

Hoping the tides would be just

In the distance, I heard a throbbing

But the river never flowed


I hit my foot hard on a rock

Then suddenly I knew

It was never coming

At least not while I waited

Then there was a thought

What if it finally never flowed?

Was I doomed to die of thirst?

This was no way to die


It’s the easiest thing ever

To get lost while searching

Hoping that they will get it

What it all means to you

Maybe feel the magic

Harboring in your soul

Even see possible, wonders

Of your wildest imagination


My not knowing got me knowing

That there was nothing to find

This strolling got me anxious

Was further lost than found

Along this dry river was me

And I had me to survive

So I made an about turn

The turn that got me home.