Who We Are

As inevitable as the rain

When it decides to pour

And the rays of the sun

When it finally rises

Time comes that we must be

Be who and what we are


How about we choose?

Choose to happy and free

Break the ties that bind us

To past woes and future worries

How about we learn to live?

Live without begging for life


How about we decide?

Decide not to care one bit

For the beliefs of an enslaved world

To take the path that lights us up

To keep the fire in our souls

So we’re happy even in death


How about we love?

Love just for love’s sake

Unearth our hearts and minds

Stay true without judgement

How about we refuse to stay?

In a love that’s not ours


How about we believe?

Believe in our greatness

Trust in our intuitions

Stay on a pedestal

What if we weren’t easy?

So nobody could bring us down